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Our international kitchen has daily offers in accordance with the local seasonalities. The menu includes Italian, Hungarian, Asian dishes. Homemade bread, cakes and freshly squeezed juices to secure your perfect breakfast.


English breakfast   Tsh.12,000
Ham & Eggs   Tsh.6,000
Spanish Omelette   Tsh.6,000
Tuna Sandwich   Tsh.6,000
*All served with choice of Rice / Chips / Ugali / Chapati
African Spicy Chicken   Tsh.16,000
Nyama Choma / Barbecued Beef Meat   Tsh.16,000
Greens and Beans Vegetarian Dish   Tsh.6,000
Mixed Vegetable Salad    Tsh.5,000
Avocado Salad    Tsh.5,000
Soda   Tsh.2,500
Grand Malt   Tsh.3,000
Red Bull   Tsh.5,000
Bavaria Apple   Tsh.6,000
Beers   Tsh.5,000
Cyders   Tsh.5,000
Coffee   Tsh.2,500
African Chai   Tsh.2,500
Tea   Tsh.2,000

To ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide at a fair price – nutritional, well-prepared meals – using only quality ingredients.