The flora and fauna of the camp is a special experience itself. Baboons are daily visitors in the courtyard where they enjoy walking around undisturbed. The play of the little monkeys is quite entertaining. Sometimes they can be approached as close as 2 metres. In addition, over 100 species of […]

Animals of the Camp

The resulting beehive shaped structures employs corbelled arches, corbelled domes, and vaults to create single and double-curved shells that are strong and aesthetically pleasing. It has received growing interest for the past two decades in the natural building and sustainability movements. Although it is not known exactly how long, Earth […]

Igloo History

Panorama Campsite offers compact and neat rooms, with clean shared toilets, running warm water and the option to cook your own food. We were on a basic Camping safari with a driver and cook. Panorama was a convenient pit stop between Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Natron.

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